23-Jan-2014 The server has been upgraded to a new MacMini running OS X 10.9. It is being hosted at Mac Stadium.
2-Jun-2012 is being retired. All services will be migrated to Dawn to Dusk Software.
The domain will remain active for the next few years, so that links and other resources continue to function.
29-Jan-2010 All mail has been transferred to the new server. Mail users should make note of the following:
  • IMAP is now available
  • Mail access now requires either APOP or MD5 Challange-response authentication.
  • Account passwords were reset during the move to the new server. If you changed your account password, contact the server administrator for a new password.
14-Jan-2010 The new server has been installed at the Atjeu data center. Services will be migrated to the new server over the next week or two.
22-Sep-2008 Domains that receive mail will be getting SFP (to Sender Policy Framework) records added to their DNS entries soon. This is help to reduce the spoofing of e-mail addresses on the Internet. This will require that all mail addressed from your hosted account to be sent directly from the server's SMTP server. Contact the postmaster for help in configuring your outgoing SMTP server.
5-Sep-2008 The servers have settled into their new home. All hosted domain names have been updated. If you manage your own domain name, contact the system administrator for updated IP information.
30-Aug-2008 The servers will begin their move at 9:30 AM MST on Thursday, September 4th. The relocation is expected to take approximately 2 hours, during which all regular services (web, mail, etc.) will be down.
10-Aug-2008 The servers will be moving to their new home at Atjeu later this month. All web, mail, and other services will be down for approximately two hours during the move. The specific date and time of the move will be announced when it is known.
18-Jun-2008 The server memory and storage upgrades have been completed. The upgrade improves both mail and web server performance.